The OIFE holds an AGM at least once a year. The AGM is the yearly meeting of the Board which is the highest decisive body of the OIFE. The Executive Committee deals with the daily business. 

All members are invited to the Annual General Meeting. The OIFE tries to ensure that the AGM coincides with and joins a national OI meeting or conference.

If a delegate is unable to attend, the member society involved can send a replacement, subject to the rules in the By-Laws. The AGM is public and open to interested parties. Usually, those in attendance include; observers from non-member OI-organisations, those wishing to form new OI-organisations, OIFE volunteers and interested members of the public. At the AGM, the EC and each committee is required to account for their activities over the past year. Each delegate presents a report on the developments and activities of their home organisation. Future plans and policies are discussed and votes are cast. The AGM also has other important functions; it acts as a source of inspiration for delegates and volunteers and helps members to focus on common goals.

Delegates who attend the AGM can ask to have their expenses reimbursed.