Report AGM 4

Rob asked Ute to inform the Board about the plans for next year. She told date (29 May - 1. June 1997) and place of the meeting that will be held together with the German AGM. Two difficulties would be the accomodation of the delegates and the language problem, because about 250 German members will attend this meeting. As she said, informations about the situation in other European countries would be very important to their members and following Rob’s suggestion she asked to send her the reports of the different societies’ activities in advance, so that they could be translated into German.

Birthe told the delegates about the plans for their meeting that should be held close to the airport in Billund. According to her question it was said that the meeting should be organised at the end of september on a weekend, preferably together with a Danish OI-meeting.

13. AGM 7 IN 1999
Rob asked for suggestions for the place and date and it was noted that the date shouldn’t interfere with the meeting in Montreal/Canada in September 1999, where the next scientific conference will be held.

Rob said that more suggestions for this committee were needed. By now it only has 3 members. Responding to a question he once more told that no obligations were connected with this position, it just should be someone well known in his or her country or better worlwide, to show that the OIFE was supported by these personalities.

Rob asked all the delegates to copy the updated lists and to distribute them among ones own advisors.
Pierre officially announced that Dr. Maroteaux should be taken from the list, because he had retired recently.

16. EAGS
Ute distributed informations about the EAGS and thanked Taco van Welzenis who had represented the OIFE in the last years’ meeting. She said that the EAGS tried to establish an own secretariat in Brussels, but Rob was of the opinion not to join them. We will stay in contact, but not take more action.

Rob pointed out that the delegates have a very important function for the OIFE, because the support of the national societies was very essential. Then all the delegates commented on their written reports they had distributed earlier.

18. AOCB
Kati thanked Rob and the organising committee for all they had done to arrange such an interesting and successful meeting. Everybody agreed that the connection between both meetings had been very good for all participants, the medical conference had as well enjoyed the contact to our meeting and all partners were in favour of a repetition of this double-meeting in 1999 in Canada.
Rob asked all delegates to send all their national informations to one another and not to forget the English translation of the index. All dates of national meetings and events should be sent to Rob as well who will publish them on Internet.
The president finally closed the meeting, thanked all participants for their co-operation and endurance and wished all a safe journey home.

The minutes for this report were taken by Ute Wallentin.

Ute Wallentin                      Rob van Welzenis
Coburg, 5 October 1996      Eindhoven, 4 November 1996