Report AGM 4

The president opened the meeting and welcomed the delegates and all the guests, explaining them some particularities of the meeting. Then he gave a special welcome to David Sillence as replacement for the official Australian delegate, since Australia has meanwhile become associate member of the OIFE.
Rob then asked all participants to remember the former treasurer of the OIFE, Roeland Spoorenberg, who had died last year in a tragic accident. Rob had represented the OIFE at his burial and thus shared in the grief of family and friends.

Simona Paveri asked to shift point 9 on the Agenda from the afternoon to the morning, because the Italian delegation would have to leave after lunch. Everybody agreed, so point 9 was put after point 7 on the agenda. To save more time before the lunch-break, Rob suggested to shift point 4.3 (reports of the delegates) to the end of the meeting after point 16. Everybody agreed.

3.1 Rob handed out updated versions of the statistics and the medical advisory board list. Pierre Verhaeghe asked to take Dr. Pierre Maroteaux, Paris, out of the French list, because he had retired recently. All the delegates were asked to send copies of the updated list to each medical advisor of their own country.
3.2 Then the president pointed out that the next meeting of the Helios sector in Brussels would be on the 31 October 1996 and that he intended to take part in it.
3.3 Kati Wink gave her new address (see list of delegates in the appendix).

Rob referred to the earlier distributed written reports of the EC, the treasurer and the delegates and gave some extra explanations for the guests.

4.1 Report of the Executive Committee
The president stated that the Board meeting was the least important activity of the EC and that there had been lots of important steps during the last year. The OIFE was now formally and legally established and new objectives should be found. But as the work-load had again increased immensely, more duties had to be delegated in future and the EC should at least have one extra meeting per year outside the Board meeting. Then he briefly mentioned the activities in detail (see report).

4.2 Financial report
Rob first stated that the final version of the financial report was still lacking. He explained that after the sudden death of the former treasurer he had to spend much time to find someone willing to take over and that during this time he had done all financial transactions through the bank.
When Jos Swart, the possible new treasurer, had been found, they both found out at a review of the books that Jos would have to set up a completely new bookkeeping. This task had not been accomplished yet and so the final version of the report would have to be distributed by mail and the delegates would then get enough time for their approval or disapproval. The president then asked for the Board’s approval to this procedure and got it unanimously.