Report AGM 4


Report on the fourth Annual General Meeting
22 September 1996, Zeist, The Netherlands

Participating delegates:
- Rob van Welzenis, The Netherlands president
- Pierre Verhaeghe, France 1st vice-president
(until resignation)
- Patrick Dupuy, France 1st vice-president
(from election)
- Ute Wallentin, Germany 2nd vice-president
- Jos Swart The Netherlands treasurer
(from election)

- Simona Paveri, Italy
- Jo Breat-Martens, Belgium, Flemish OI Society
- Morna Wilson, Great-Britain
- Kati Wink, Finland
- Birthe Holm, Denmark
- Trond Garden, Norway (from acceptance as member of OIFE)
- David Sillence, Australia associate member

- Lous van Egmont, secretary OIFE-Board, and her husband Eddy,
- Taco van Welzenis, vice-president organising committee "Life & OI",
- Maria-Jose Pico Fernandez, representative of the Spanish OI-Society,
- Gilberta da Silva, representative of the future Portguese OI-Society,
- Simona Rossi and Ueli Haenni, representatives of the Swiss OI-Society,
- Philip and Sonja Marais, representatives of a future South-African OI-Society,
- Colleen Stevens, representative of the OI-Society of New Zealand,
- Birgitta Zakariasson and Rebecca Johansson, representatives Sweden,
- several members of the various European OI-Societies.

Some participants of the Life and OI conference that was held together with the AGM