Report AGM 16

OIFE AGM16 October 16th-18th, 2008 in Nazareth, Belgium
Brief report


This time OIFE delegates from 11 countries represented their associations at the AGM.


Participants at OIFE AGM16 from left to right:
Rune Mogensen (Denmark), Anna Rossi (Italy), Michael Købke (Denmark), Joshua Paveri(Italy), Trond Gården (Norway), Carina Svenheden (Sweden), Ute Wallentin (president, Germany), Vanja Živkovic(Switzerland), Khatuna Saganelidze (Georgia), Filip de Gruytere(2nd vice president, Belgium), Taco van Welzenis (vice president, the Netherlands, Thomas Krueger (treasurer), Eero Nevalainen (Finland), Alex Kholmogorov (Russia), Steffi Wagner (secretary), Simona Paveri (Italy), Leonardo Panzeri(president As.It.OI,Italy);
Missing on the picture:
Christine Coppin, Anne-Miek Vroom (youth coordinator), Rob van Welzenis (honorary president)

agm16 alexkhatuna
Khatuna translating for Alex

Alex Kholmogorov from Russia joined the meeting as a guest for the first time and reported about the difficult situation of his small OI-association for the Moscow-region. The other delegates were from Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Switzerland and Georgia. Parallel to OIFE’s AGM two other events were held: First an annual meeting of the Belgian OI-association and second the 10th International Scientific OI-Conference with about 150 professionals from all over the world which was held 10km apart in the city of Ghent. The OIFE-president had been given the opportunity to speak about “living with OI” and the OIFE at the opening session of the Scientific Conference and some OIFE-representatives were invited as observers to parts of that Conference. OIFE had prepared a paper with questions addressed to the Conference and in return, three of the participants, Dr. David Sillence (Australia ), Geert Mortier (Belgium, Flemish pediatrician, clinical geneticist) and Freya Swinnen (Belgium, Flemish odiologist, ENT) took the time to shortly report about the Scientific Conference and answer OIFE’s questions during the AGM. Some further major results from the AGM were:

Dr Lidy van Welzenis
                        and Christine

- OIFE welcomes a new member: AFBOI, the OI-association of the French speaking part of Belgium and the
new delegate Christine Coppin!

- In 2009 OIFE will organize an international Topical Meeting on Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy in OI.

Steffi OIFE's secretary

- it was agreed to find and employ a part-time secretary for OIFE for about 5 hours per week in order to share and support the tremendous workload of the OIFE president and the executive committee

- a new project called ”International Student Exchange Program for OI-people” was implemented and preparations will start soon

- another new project: a Dutch DVD on how to care for and handle babies and children with OI will be translated and subtitled in English.

- in 2009 the international OIFE youth-weekend will take place in Italy

- a second OIFE photo contest 2009 will be launched

Rune, Michael, Prof. Jay Shapiro and Taco


One evening OIFE invited all participants of the Scientific Conference for an OIFE-reception into the conference hotel outside Ghent and over 50 researchers and medical doctors accepted the invitation and met with the 70 OI-people from Belgium and OIFE member organizations for a drink. For some scientists it was the first time to meet “real” persons affected by OI although they do research in this field.

Prof. David Sillence, Eero, Rob and Vanja

Another evening the OIFE delegates were invited by the Belgian OI-association ZOI who had organized a delicious dinner and at
the end every delegate got one of the famous
Belgian Chocolates as a farewell-present!

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