Report AGM 4

As announced to the delegates before, the Norwegian OI-society had applied for membership to the OIFE and named Trond Garden as delegate. So the president asked all the delegates, besides the Australian who has no voting right, for their approval, that was given immediately by everyone.
Rob welcomed Norway as new full member of the OIFE.

The president first explained that for this position someone from outside the Board had to be asked because there had been no candidate inside the Board. Jos Swart, a member of the Dutch society VOI who had applied for the post of the treasurer, would therefore become a member of the Board without voting rights.
Asked for their votes, all the delegates agreed to Jos Swart as treasurer unanimously and Rob thanked him for his willingness to take over this position and installed Jos as treasurer.

Pierre had announced in advance that he wanted to retire as French delegate and as 1st vice-president because of his many other duties in the French society and his demanding professional work. He said that he was very satisfied that many of his personal aims for the OIFE had been reached meanwhile and that he would not really leave the OIFE, but remain second delegate of his society. He thanked Patrick Dupuy for his acceptance to become new delegate of the AOI.
Rob pointed out that Pierre had served as vice-president from the very first meeting and had been active to set up the OIFE already long before this. He thanked him for all that he had done and for his many inspirations and said that most delegates might not be aware of the many tasks Pierre had taken over and accomplished.
The president then officially announced that the vice-president had retired and welcomed Patrick Dupuy as new French delegate. After the question, if a vice-president was needed had been answered positively, Rob asked for suggestions or candidates. When no suggestions were made, Patrick offered to candidate for this position and was immediately elected by all Board members with 1 abstination.

President and president-elect:
Rob said that it will be his turn to resign next year, but that he would possibly be available for re-election under the condition that a president-elect would be found within the next two years. This would make it easier to pass on presidency fluently. He stressed that after the next 4 years he would definitely retire. Then he asked all the Board members for their opinion to this suggestion. They agreed unanimously upon this procedure. David pointed out that the president’s position was a very responsible and important one. Jos suggested to set up a profile for this position, which Morna offered to write in cooperation with the EC.